Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, each exhibition will appoint approved suppliers to construct your stand. A range of furniture will also be available for hire during the exhibition.

Upon approval from the organiser, the sharing of exhibition space may be permitted. However, this is not advisable unless there is a distinct correlation between each business and an advantage in targeting buyers together.

Floor space only exhibitors are provided with extra time to erect their custom built stands, as opposed to shell scheme exhibitors who only require dressing their stand. Exhibitors are afforded between one and three days to erect their exhibits.

It is commonplace for visitors to be able to pre-register online right up until the day before an exhibition. Alternatively, visitors may register to attend at the registration booth near the entrance at any time during an event. It is recommended that visitors complete online pre-registration to avoid a potential delay in registering at the show.

Yes, storage facilities are generally made available onsite and are managed by an appointed contractor. Fees will vary between exhibitions and are dependent on how much storage space is required.

Discounts may apply, but it’s best to discuss this with the organiser who will prepare a package to suit your budget.

The exhibition most suited to your business is the one which places you in direct contact with the greatest proportion of your key target audience. In reviewing which exhibition to choose, it is important to analyse the organiser’s post show reports and their dedicated marketing activity surrounding the event.

Onsite sales can generally be made on the exhibition floor; however, this is often exhibition dependant so it will be necessary to check with the organiser.

Many elements may combine to result in one exhibition being better than another, but the ultimate success of an exhibition is determined by the quality of buyers in attendance. As an exhibitor, the primary motivation for exhibiting is to communicate with both new and existing clients. The best exhibition is the one that can deliver your audience to you.