Environmental Policy

We believe that businesses are responsible for achieving environmental best practice and operating in a sustainable manner. We are therefore committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy and operating methods. It is our priority to encourage our customers, suppliers and all business associates to do the same.

Diversified Communications Australia is committed to:

  • Improving efficiency of operations to minimize water and raw material use, energy consumption, waste and pollution generation and to reuse or recycle as much as possible
  • Create awareness among our staff and suppliers of the potential environmental effect of operations with which they are involved, and how they can work towards minimizing these environmental effects
  • Continue to conduct regular assessments of the environmental effects in consultation with our suppliers to identify potential areas for improvement, and to follow through with processes to achieve these improvements
  • Aim to purchase products and services that do the least damage to the environment and encourage others to do likewise
  • Establish measureable environmental objectives and targets aimed at reducing the impact on the environment by Diversified’s portfolio of shows

To achieve this, Diversified Communications Australia aims to:

  • Review this policy annually to reflect legislation and best practice; consult with staff and industry partners
  • Measure and reduce our waste consumption and develop effective waste management and recycling procedures in consultation with the venues used for Diversified shows
  • Investigate procurement options and implement improvements to work practices to reduce waste and increase energy efficiencies
  • Ensure staff and suppliers contribute ideas surrounding the implementation and development of environmental initiatives; minimize water use, reduce power and waste consumption
  • Act on two specific measurable environmental goals per year